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When you hear about Balinese food, you might think about Suckling pig, Balinese Betutu chicken, or lawar kuwir. Those food are, as usual, are very delectable. But for both food and challenge lovers, you might want to try something more challenging. So here are some bizarre and unusual food you can try during your holiday in Bali:

1. Lawar Nyawan

lawar nyawan

Source : IG @linisgod

Lawar is a dish created from a mixture between vegetables, coconut and minced meat, all mixed with rich herbs and spices. Lawar bali is also commonly known as Balinese salad. Normally, lawar uses pork, chicken, or duck meat as its main ingredient. But what if this time, you try to eat lawar that uses beehive, or Nyawan in Balinese, as its main ingredient? Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste any different than mushroom. The texture and taste is good and definitely with added benefit you can have from the beehive. The dish is a rare nowadays but we have recommendations Warung Piring Mas, Jalan Pandu No.88 Sangeh.


2. Lawar Merah

lawar merah

Source : IG @babigulingayusintya

Lawar merah uses regular meat and vegetables, but it adds 1 additional ingredient that might sound a little bit extreme for some people. Lawar Merah, merah means red, uses Pig’s blood as its main spice. The ingrediets will be mixed together with the blood that creates fresh red color. Though you can mostly see Lawar Merah being used as specialty dish during religious ceremonies in Bali, but today you can also find Lawar Merah in food stalls, restaurants and even five-star hotels in Bali.


3. Lizard Satay

sate biawak

Source : IG @ jo_thehuntsman

Another bizarre food you may (not) want to try is Lizard Satay. Biawak, a kind of big lizard commonly found in Indonesia, especially in Bali is an exotic reptile. It was said that the meat tastes like chicken and that you won’t be able to find any difference. It is also believed that the lizard’s meat is beneficial for your health, especially if you have problem with asthma or skin. You can find it on Pondok Sate, Denpasar or Warung Sate Biawak.