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If you are an adventurer, Bali has many things to do that will challenge your guts. One of them is going for rafting. Yes, Bali has some rivers and is a best place for rafting activity in the fresh water, across the river flows and all you need is to have fun, good teamwork, and fit physique. Don’t forget to listen and follow what your instructor or guide said. Here are best rivers for white-water rafting in Bali for your adrenaline rush.

Ayung Water River

rafting in bali

Photo credit IG : @javi.jaavii

Ayung Water River is a famous place for rafting in Bali and it has always been a favorite destination for visitors who are looking for challenge and adrenaline rush. You will get to raft along the river path around 12 kilometers in length that takes around 2 hours journey. Along the way,you can also enjoy the beautiful cliff carvings. In Ayung River,each rafting boat consist of 4 – 6 participants including the rafting instructor.


Telaga Waja

rafting in bali

Photo credit IG : @yunipurnia

Telaga Waja is also one of Water River rafting in Bali. It boasts very clean water that stretch 13 kilometers in length and takes around 2 hours journey. This river has difficulty level of 3 – 4 but still safe for the beginners, as long as you follow all instructions from the guide. Surely it will boost your adrenaline, racing with your friends on this river. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of rice fields of local residents, hills, cliffs, valleys and waterfall. You can also witness around 3 waterfalls along your rafting trip. You surely will be spoiled with a stunning view and the fun of adrenaline rush on during the trip.


Melangit River

rafting in bali

Photo credit IG : @ elliotlmiller

Melangit River is also one of the beautiful rivers being used for rafting with 8 kilometers length. This river is suitable for you who want to do rafting in the middle level even it would take around 2 hours to complete the trips. Along your journey, you will be spoiled with tropical forest, tress, and natural stone structure in most of the river wall.


Sungai Pakerisan

rafting in bali

Photo credit IG : @ kendricksumolang

Sungai Pakerisan is known place for rafting and river tubing located in Gianyar regency. You can feel the atmosphere along the rafting route in the Pakerisan River is very peaceful and away from hustles. The length of the rafting route in the river Pakerisan is around 4.5 kilometers and the course itself is not too rough so it should be much safer for the beginner levels to try this area out.


Petanu River

Other option for you will be to raft at Petanu river that is also known for its clear and cool water. Several travel routes contain several large boulders that might bother us a little while rowing a rubber boat. We will also find some of the natural scenery like a rather steep cliffs during our trip along the Petanu river.