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It would not complete if you are leaving Bali without bring any souvenirs or gifts to your related, friends and family. Bale Udang Mang Engking Kuta is also close to souvenir shopping center. Here are our recommendation where you can by souvenirs shop in kuta :

  1. Krisna Oleh-Oleh Bali

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Image credit: IG @dhaniutari

Krisna Oleh-Oleh is one of favorite shopping places for foreigner and domestic tourists to look for Bali’s souvenir. In here you can find anything start from paintings, Bali’s sarongs, t-shirts, snacks, wallet, necklace, home décor, and many more. You do not need to go far to art market and no need to bargain because they sell with fixed price and the price is not much different if you buy on the market. Krisna is open for 24 hours so you can still spend all day, and go to Krisna.

Location: Jalan Raya Tuban, 24X opened for 24 hours.

Jalan Sunset Road No.88 opened until 10PM

  1. Kuta Art Market

shop in kuta

Image credit: IG @robgetslife

Are you looking for authentic Balinese souvenirs and goods crafted by local people? You can visit Kuta Art Market, it is a traditional market in Kuta area. Located on Jalan Kartika Plaza or less than 20 minutes away from Bale Udang Kuta. They sell all Balinese stuff here start from clothes, bags, paintings, bed cover, accessories, and many more.

One thing you should know is that you should be good at bargaining. The most important thing to remember is to be polite, use a familiar and friendly tone to the seller, it will make the bargain process easier. After shopping, you can enjoy the sunset at Kuta Beach which is only around 25 meters from Kuta Art Markets.

  1. Pia Legong

shop in kuta

image credit: IG @pialegong.id

Pia Legong isn’t a souvenir but it is a famous pie that you must buy and bring it to your family, friends, or related. It has been known for many years for a souvenir. Pia Legong is available in 3 flavors, mung bean, cheese, and chocolate.

Location: Kitchen House of Pia Legong

Ruko Kuta Megah No. 15, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kuta, Tuban

Opening hours: 9AM – 5PM

  1. Kampung Nusantara

Kampung Nusantara is also a souvenir shops in Kuta that sell anything about Balinese souvenirs like in Krisna. This place is provides variety of snack from Bali, Balinese goods that are perfect for souvenirs. In here you can also buy paintings of Balinese artwork. This is a must place to visit if you are looking for souvenir shopping.

  1. Pabrik Kata-Kata Joger

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Image credit: @thenmustsandy

In Yogyakarta, there is a souvenir center famous for its funny words, Dagadu. Bali also has a souvenir center with a variety of words that also funny, called Joger. In here, you you can find souvenirs in the form of clothes, sandals, key chains, and much more. The price is also affordable and before you leave Bali, don’t forget to stop by and buy some funny souvenirs in Joger.

Location: Jalan Raya Kuta

Opening hours: 10AM – 8PM

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