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When you are struck with the munchies, what would you prefer? Some might prefer chips, while other may prefer heavier snacks such as doughnuts, French fries or chocolate. So long story short, here are some for the favorite Traditional Balinese Snacks that probably can be your new favorite when you are snack deprived.  Warning, this article should be avoided by any hungry dieters:


One of the popular snack that usually are being served during ceremonies or official events, Jaja Bendu is originated from Jembrana, Jaja  Bendu is made from glutinous rice filled with grated coconut mixed with brown sugar, wrapped in banana leaves.this sweet traditional cake also goes well with tea and coffee



Source : IG @goestraveler

Made from glutinous rice and tapioca flour, Batun Bedil is shaped in flat round pieces, similar to Bubur Candil in Java. The chewy texture of Batun Bedil will be poured with watered brown sugar and topped with grated coconut that will bring tasty combination of sweet and savory.



Source : By Gunawan Kartapranata – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,  https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=58139149

Bubuh Injin is one of  famous Balinese dessert, it is very easy to make and also delectable to have, made from black rice mix with the glutinous rice to obtain the smoothness consistency and texture, sweeten with palm sugar (gula merah), drench with coconut sauce.




Source : agusambarasastra

This green and flat round snack is made from rice flour. The green color is produced from Pandan and Suji Leaves. Laklak usually is served with grated coconut topping and brown sugar sauce with Jackfruit as side dish.


Are you drooling yet? During your tour around Bali, try to stop by at nearest traditional market and you will get to enjoy the real taste of traditional Balinese snack, of course with very affordable price. Happy Snacking!