ubud restaurant

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Bale Udang Mang Engking Ubud Restaurant is a perfect place to spend time for lunch with family especially kids. Your kids can experience feeding the fishes on the fish pond. Do know where to go after lunch at Bale Udang Ubud with your kids? Here is our recommendation for you to visit, Pondok Pekak Library & Learning Center Ubud. Pondok Pekak has become one of leading centers for promoting cultural awareness.

Your kids will get offers of variety activities class from dance, traditional music, children’s gamelan, word carving, reading at quiet library, playing educational games or play puzzles and many other things. Your kids would have a lovely day here. Located on Jalan Monkey Forest or 15 minutes away from Bale Udang Ubud.

Source image: littlestepasia.com