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If you are an avid jogger, it will be hard to spend a day without jogging, even when you are on your holiday. While having your holiday in Bali, you might want to spend some time to jog in Bali. This definitely will be a new experience for you, watching the beautiful view of Bali without having to leave your daily routine. So here are some places where you can jog in Bali :


sanur beach

Photo Source: IG @xcharix

Sanur beach has always been known as one of the best place to watch sunrise. If you are staying at Sanur area during your holiday, it will be fun to wake up a little bit early and put on your jogging shoes. You will get both healthier body and mind, while the breathtaking view of Bali’s sunrise and the clean morning air definitely is a new experience that will get you hooked.




Photo Source : IG @sunarkosurya

Kertalangu Cultural Village or Desa Budaya Kertalangu is a community based development that was located in the middle of 80 hectares rice cultivation on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Sanur. The jogging track itself is spread along 4 km long in the middle rice field. You will also get to buy fresh vegetables, watching the process of ceramic making. You even get to relax yourself with the spa service that also is available in the area. If you feel hungry after your jog, you can buy the street foods sold by the vendors along the way with very affordable price.

Address : Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.88, Kesiman Kertalangu, Denpasar



niti mandala renon

Photo Source : IG @fitrianik78

Extremely well known by Bali locals, Niti Mandala Renon is a track field that encircle the famous Bajra Sandi Monument that regularly holds car free day every Sunday morning. Either in the morning or later at afternoon, this field is the always packed with youngsters and families who want to relax and play around in or around the field. Dog lovers will also get to enjoy meeting many cute dogs that run around with their owners.

Address :  Jl. Raya Puputan I No.110, Sumerta Kelod, Denpasar 



pantai kuta seminyak beach

Photo Source : IG @elmo910

For the marine enthusiast, jogging on the beach might be a perfect choice for you. The smell of the sea and sound of the waves crashing is a perfect way to accompany your run. Jogging along Kuta – Seminyak beach is perfect because the 2 beaches are located side by side, so you can run from the start to finish along the beach, as far as your legs can take you.



btdc nusa dua

Photo Source : IG @januarta_

If you stay around BTDC area, it will be nice to wake up a little bit earlier for morning jog. The pedestrian covers whole BTDC area that also directly connect to the famous Waterblow site. Since BTDC is a secluded hotel complex area, you will be able to jog in silence here, because there are not too many cars that may pass. But still keep in mind that the cars here tend to be fast, so still remember to watch area around you before crossing the street.