Park 23 Kuta

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If you are in Bali for long holiday, you might want to take a break for a day or two after days of exploring Bali and its’ surrounding. It will be nice to unwind and take relaxed stroll around Kuta and Denpasar while witnessing the activities around you. One of the best ways to kill some times in a fun way is by watching movies. So here are some of the recommended cinemas you can stop by around Bali :



Cinemas in Bali XXI Beach Walk

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Cinemas in Bali XXI Beach Walk

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Located on the 2nd floor of Beachwalk Bali Mall, Cinema XXI offers Premiere and Regular studio for the movie freaks. The lounge area lets you comfortably sit and chat while waiting for your movie to play, if you are not feeling like walking around the mall area, with delicious choices of food and beverage to accompany your waiting and watching time. The premiere boasts comfortable reclining seats, waiter to serve your food and beverage while you snuggle in the warm and cozy blanket.



Cinemas in Bali XXI Galeria

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For the frequent movie visitors, Galeria XXI is one of the first and most visited Movie Theater in Bali. Located in a separated building from Mal Bali Galeria, though still in the same complex, this theater offer more quiet atmosphere and less movie studios, perfect for those who enjoy more relaxed atmosphere. Bonus point, their popcorn is delicious.

Address : DFS Galleria, Bypass Ngurah Rai Simpang Siur




With choices of regular and gold theater and wide range of facilities, Cinemaxx offer Integrated Cinematic Maxxperiences. Regular theater offer latest projection system, cutting edge audio visual experience and area’s best view from any seat. The exceptional Gold Theater offer total of 20 luxurious recliner chairs, delicious food and drinks served by the officer class who are always ready to serve anytime.

Address : Jalan Kartika Plaza Lingkar Segara unit L6-15, Kuta


4. PARK 23 XXI

Cinemas in Bali Park 23 Kuta

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For those who are looking for a more relaxed and quiet environment, you can try to visit Park 23 XXI. This compact mall is clean with several choices of shopping outlets such as electronic devices, clothes, shoes and food that you can visit while waiting for your movie playing time. The lounge area is not too big yet comfortable. At XXI Park 23, you can enjoy your favorite movies while pampered with their great sound system, yet very affordable ticket price.

Address : Mall Park 23 Lt. 3, Jl. Kediri No 09 Kuta



Cinemas in Bali Level 21

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Located a little bit further, this XXI is positioned at Teuku Umar Denpasar inside Level 21 Mall at the 4th Floor to be exact.  This new theater offer relatively spacious lounge area, good snack, Regular and Premiere movie theaters. While waiting for your movie to play, you can either wait around at the comfortable lounge area while enjoying the offered menus, or you can walk around the mall to enjoy your meal in one of various restaurants available.

Address : Jl. Teuku Umar no 1, Denpasar