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  1. Most Balinese Hindus never or rarely consume beef, while chicken, pork and other meat are more commonly consumed.
  2. Most common spices used in Balinese food is Base Genep which consist of 15 different spices, mixed altogether and Base Rajang, spice paste that is a basic ingredient for Balinese dishes.

PHOTO SOURCE : ig @balifood

  1. Certain foodstuff are served as religious offering for gods, whereas different god believed to have different palate.
  2. Before eating, Balinese will put a little amount of food aside as offering to the spirit around.
  3. During religious ceremony, fruits and foodstuff are festively decorated and brought to the temple as an offering
  4. There are 2 different types of Lawar, Red and White Lawar. White Lawar is made from combination between chopped meat and variety of vegetables. Red lawar is the same, but there is 1 additional ingredient added in the mixture, animal’s blood.

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  1. Most Balinese food uses ‘Sambal’ , spicy chili sauce, as their condiment. Beware before eating because the spiciness level may bring tears to your eyes.
  2. Another fun thing you must try in Bali is coffee made from animal’s defecation. Civet Coffee or Luwak Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world and you can find it in Bali.

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  1. The best cutlery to eat your Balinese food is your hand. Notice how locals enjoy their food, by eating with their hand and it will always be the right hand that they use to eat because left hand is considered dirty.
  2. There are many street food that are served with Balinese leaf as plate. It is believed that the leaf enhance the food’s overall taste.

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